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History of kopivitamin

KOPI VITAMIN is one of the largest tasty and instant organic coffee in form of supplement dietitian in Malaysia, made in Butterworth (Penang).
KOPIVITAMIN was created in 2010 by Siang Lik. Mr. Siang Lik studied law during his university studies. He became later a very good lawyer and worked for many companies in China, Malaysia and Singapore.

In 1996, Siang Lik had a customer who wanted to divorce with his wife because he could not satisfy his wife sexually. His customer was always loving his wife, but seeing that she was unfaithful, he had no choice else than to help his customer to take good care of his children.

After this affair, Siang Lik was really scared by the sadness of this family. He decided to find a solution to prevent the increasing divorce rate. About how to help men improve their libido, and how the human body work, Siang Lik has followed and study the incredible power of plants. He then set up a team of researchers with a group of scientists and doctors. After 5 years of research they finally found an amazing dietary supplement called KOPIVITAMIN.

Pharmacist in charge (Biography)

Dr. Sébastian Lim is the pharmacist in charge, He has more than 15 years of experience in bio medical and clinical research, and more than 6 years of postgraduate studies, he was associated with the Asian Institute of Medicine, science and technology (AIMST) in Sungaï Pelania (KEDAH). He holds a Ph.D. in Pharmacy from Monash University in Malaysia. After completing his studies, he continued to study the plants. Therefore, he understands how plants work to boost our immune system. joins the team of Dr. Siang Lik in 2010. His support was crucial for KOPI VITAMIN, because he improved the quality of KOPI VITAMIN which allow that in less than 24 hours you find your sex life.

Represent us in your country

Kopivitanim has already get many certificates alloweding it to be sell in different countries.

Kopivitamin is sold today in the four corners of the world in pharmacies and para-pharmacies.

You are a company interested in kopivitamin and you want to distribute kopivitamin in your country ?

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